Modified Mac Mini

Universal Audio Apollo x8 and x8P Interfaces

Dangerous Music DBox+ Monitor Controller/Summing Mixer

Creation Audio Labs MW1 DI/Reamp

Event Opal Monitors

Avantone Active MixCubes

Adam Sub10 MkII

Flock Audio Patch

2x ELI Distressor

ELI Fatso Jr

Drawmer DS201 Noise Gate

KHE Audio Amp/cab Selector

Louder Than Liftoff Chroma Pre

Chandler TG2 Pre

Burl B1D Pre

Avedis MA5 Pre

Avedis MD7 Pre

Lachapell Audio 583s Tube Pre

JLM LA500A Opto Comp

WesAudio Dione SSL G-comp style

APA Leviathan Opto Comp

Standard Audio Stretch


API 550b EQ

Maag EQ4 EQ

Ingram Engineering EQ52


2x Shure SM57

1x Shure SM58

1x Shure SM7B

A weird Audix 58 rip off

I’ve really gotta work on this section…


Two Notes Torpedo Studio cab simulator

Diezel Herbert guitar head

Engl Powerball guitar head

PRS Archon guitar EL34 Head

Bogner Uberschall guitar head

Mesa Boogie Mark IV guitar head

Darkglass Microtubes X Ultra Bass Pre

Mesa/Boogie oversized guitar cabinet

Mesa/Boogie traditional guitar cabinet


Assortment of guitars and basses in various tunings

Assortment of guitar and bass pedals

So, so many UAD, FabFilter, Native, Kush and other plugins

Assortment of Spitfire Audio, East West, 8Dio, SoundIron, CineSamples and other libraries

Studio One

Logic Pro